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About G-TOPS

What G-TOPS does

Through endless innovation,
G-TOPS aims to become a stepping stone for export growth
of Korean small and medium-sized manufacturers.

G-TOPS is a specialized trading company serving shared growth model for actively supporting the overseas expansion of Korean SMEs through collaboration with Korea South-East Power Company (KOEN).

Business Fields


G-TOPS builds collaborative relationships with over 300 excellent companies in Korea and supplies Korea-made plant equipment and components, genuine spare parts to overseas power plants, Oil & Gas, as well as EPC companies. We also provide engineering dispatch and maintenance services in the field of power generation.


“Global Expansion of Korean SMEs” Project

Through our exclusive international network and database, G-TOPS supports global market exploration and export of high-quality products from domestic manufacturers.

Engineering Services

Technical Diagnosis

  • Diagnosis of root causes of failures and maintenance service for equipment such as diesel generators, pumps, valves, and hydraulic equipment
  • Designing assist and consulting, including design modification, performance improvement, improvement in operating and maintenance environment for various devices

Overseas Power Plant R&M

  • Acquiring Information on Overseas Power Plant R&M Projects
  • Supplying and Exporting of Substitutable Korean Plant Equipment